Can Marroig

Can Marroig is a public farm in the north easy of Formentera covering 137.33 hectares, which was acquired by the autonomous region in 1998. Parts of the property date back to 1620, and the main house and farmyard is constructed in a typical Mallorcan style. Technically the Can Marroig area includes Torre de Punta Gavina.

The house at Can Marroig was formerly La Hotel Anglais and has a history that is of particular interest to Europe’s Jewish population. Whilst Mallorca was the scene of terrible anti-Jewish outrages following the Spanish Inquisition in the fifteenth century, the Jewish community in Formentera lived quietly, yet peacefully. After the establishment of the Inquisition in 1410, the Vicars General of the Inquisition who came to Formentera on inspection tours left satisfied that “no one practiced the Laws of Moses or Mohomet.”

However, by the time of the 1930s the Jewish population was once again under threat, and Can Marroig was opened as a pension at that time. This was a cover to allay suspicions about the number of visitors that it started getting. It is now known that these visitors were visiting a secret synagogue in the cellar.

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