The clear waters of Formentera make them an excellent choice for diving, with very good visibility up to 50 meters in depth. In fact the Freus Marine Reserve of Ibiza and Formentera is the only natural area the Mediterranean Sea included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. You can dive year round with temperatures ranging from 15 degrees in the winter to 30 degrees in the summer.

Once you are under water there are a variety of landscapes to explore, from caves to shipwrecks, and acres of posidonia. You may even see a shark, as there have been basking sharks spotted off the coastline, and in 2008 an 18 footer was caught.

There are a number of protected species off the coast of Formentera, and you should refrain from disturbing them if you are lucky enough to spot one. Species to look out for are:

  • Angel shark (squatina)
  • Nursehound (scyliorhinus stellaris)
  • Sting ray (dasyatis)
  • Electric ray (torpedo)
  • Great hammerhead shark (sphyrna)
  • Blue shark (prionace glauca)
  • Smooth hound (mustelus)
  • Seahorse (hippocampus)
  • Straightnose pipefish (nerophis ophidian)
  • Sea crow (umbrina cirrosa umbrina cirrosa)

Diving Schools
Vellmari: Port La Savina
tel. 971 32 21 05

Orca Sub: Hotel Formentera
Playa y Club Maryland
playa de Mitjorn
tel. 639 60 18 39

Blue Adventure: Port La Savina
C/. Almadraba,67
tel. 971 32 11 68

La Mola Diving: Hotel Riu la
Mola – playa Mitjorn
tel. 971 32 72 75

Other Watersports
In addition to sailing and diving you can enjoy windsurfing, canoeing, jet-skis, water skiing, and parasailing on Formentera. On the beaches of Es Pujols and Illetes pretty much everything you need is available right there, and there are also rental stores across the island.

Rental Stores
Formentera Diving and Water Sports
Marina de la Savina, Formentera
Tel. 971 32 32 32

Escuela Municipal de vela: La Savina
tel. 667 56 13 50

Centro O’Neil: playa illetes
tel. 609 71 17 74

Barlovento: playa illetes
tel. 609 60 21 34

Wet 4 Fun: playa Es Pujols
tel. 670 36 63 14

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