Torre de la Gavina

Torre de la Gavina the least accessible of the defence towers, but is worth the effort because of the views out to Es Vedra. To get to the defence tower you can take Green Route No.6 from Sant Francesc, and when you reach the bending road which marks the end of the route just follow it as it bears left away from Estany des Peix. This will take you to the entrance of Route No.10, an unmarked dirt path, to the right of which you will see the road sign below.

You want to take this road, which is so bumpy there are quite a few occasions on which you will want to dismount from your bike to avoid punctures (not to mention haemorrhoids). You just keep going straight until you come across a sign for a no-through road, and you take that road! Eventually you will come to a low wall, and if you look over you will see a dirt track continues on the other side, so just hop on over and continue to Punta de la Gavina. After a few hundred meters you will want to park your bike as the size of the rocks increase, and you will take in some spectacular ocean views across to Espalmador on one side and Punta Rasa on the other. The tower was never actually equipped with artillery, and the views are more interesting that the structure itself.

This is the best place to get a view of Es Vedra and consider the many rumours and myths surrounding this small island east of Ibiza:

  • That it featured in Homer
  • UFO’s visit the island
  • Rocks were taken from Es Vedra to build the Egyptian pyramids
  • The Phoenician goddess of fertility, Tanit, considered it her island
  • It is the tip of Atlantis
  • Ritual sacrifices to Tanit used to be performed on the island

Whether or not any of these are true you can enjoy the view. Located at Formentera’s most western point the tower looked out over Es Freus, Espalmador and La Savina. Built with limestone and lime mortar this tower never had artillery and was purely a lookout point.

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