Estany des Peix

The smaller of Formentera’s two salt water lagoons, Estany des Peix is particularly popular with the French for some reason. It is located just one kilometre south of La Savina and is on the right and side as you take the PM-820 out of the village.

Estany des Peix used to be an old fishing port, thus the name Peix and connects to the sea via a narrow mouth, named Sa Boca. The width of Sa Boca means that only the smallest boats drop anchor here.

The calm, shallow waters make it ideal for water sports, and it is a great place to try out kayaking, windsurfing or sailing. The waters also have more to offer than just water sports: Yondelis is a new anti-tumour drug derived from the marine organism, Ecteinascidia turbinata, a ’sea squirt’, or tunicate, found in the lagoon.

The track around the lagoon is ideal for nature lovers, and there is a path that leads to Can Marroig. There are a number of marsh plants growing, mainly from the salicornia genus, and in amongst the rushes and glasswort plants are a wide variety of birds. With the proximity to the sea you are likely to spot seabirds such as gulls, and there are also plenty of terns, ducks and waders.


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  1. mak says:

    go to the La Florit restaurant and have the almejas y mejillones con guindillas or if your brave try the percebes.

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