Formentera Beaches

There are over 12 miles of Formentera beaches, from rocky coves through to white sand coastline. In this article we look at four beaches that you can enjoy exploring.

Es Cavall d’en Borras and Moli des Carregador

Es Cavall d'en Borras

Running up from Port de la Savina is the coast of Es Cavall d’en Borras, which is made up of two sections known as Cala Savina and Es Carregador. Really it is little more than a strip of land that keeps Estany Pudent out of the sea. There is some protection from the Sabina trees, but it can get pretty blustery. The old mill, Moli des Carregador, marks the end of this strip of coastline.

The View from Es Cavall d’en Borras

Platja de Canyers

Platja de Canyers

This beach is a small strip 85 meters long and an average of 12 meters deep. It has calm waters and is located just outside Es Pujols on the road to Es Trucadors. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, and you have to go up a small incline to reach it.

Entrance to Platja de Canyers

Ses Salines
The beach that runs behind salts works, just down from Platja de Llevant shares the same name as the salt pans. It is protected by a long dune, and is just two kilometres from Es Pujols. The water here can get a bit choppy, even in the summer – you should always take care to check the swimming conditions on Formentera beaches.


Tramuntana Rock Pool

The erosion that has taken place in Tramuntana makes for an interesting landscape. It runs for around five kilometres up to Ses Plagetes. If you are seeking some privacy then exploring Tramuntana will pay dividends as there are a few sandy beaches lurking through the rocks waiting for those that take the time to find them.

Tramuntana Coastline

The Formentera Beaches Video


One Response to “Formentera Beaches”
  1. Bjarne says:

    From Denmark, Copenhagen

    Have again, again and again been on Formentera this summer – July / August 2011.

    The crystal clear, turquoise-colored water and, and the possibility of nude bathing almost everywhere – optional-clothing / naturist – attracts – the equal gender and age distribution – and of course the weather is also a definite plus.

    Favorite beach is clearly Platja des Canyers 5 min. walk from Es Pujols west. A small beach only 85 meters long, but very cozy and where up to 70% are naturists. Most have food and drink with, but otherwise there are only 5 min. walk to one of the sides to find what you want to eat / drink at a cafe. So many people are the same we meet year after year and get to know, whatever country they are from.

    Whether you are into snorkeling or beach tennis nude, can Platja des Canyers clearly recommended.

    The beaches all the way from Es Pujols up against Playa Levant to Es Palmador I would definitely recommend. Illetas is too crowded in July / August. But 5 minutes walk to the other side you get to the much quieter Levante beach.

    The released, a little hippie-like and bohemian atmosphere everywhere on Formentera indictments. If you love the cozy cafés in the evenings I would definitely recommend to stay in or near Es Pujols.

    Formentera is known and loved as a place where time has stood almost still, but now the development has also started to hit Formentera, for example, the large underground parking in Es Pujols below Plaza Europe there will soon be finished.

    Find my own litle travel desciption in danish here

    I’m ready to provide you with more info about Formentera and Espalmador

    Always without modesty.

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