Formentera Palace

Formentera Palace is a condo development right on top of Es Pujols beach. It is one of the few luxury developments on an island that has very strict building regulations to preserve its heritage. Here are some photos of the development that is underway, and the views that owners will enjoy…


4 Responses to “Formentera Palace”
  1. Gillian Eggleton says:

    My husband and myself have enjoyed these veiws for quite a few years, staying in (a sea veiw appartment),now BEHIND,these new appartments,what a terrible shame for the owners of the EL FARO appartments,and of course ourselves,who for many years have enjoyed our breakfast,lunch or dinner, on the balcony,looking out to the sea,but i dare say now, we will be looking into someones appartment.The new appartments do look beautiful,but i would have still preferred to wake to a sea view.

  2. gustiF5 says:

    I am not sure these apartments will be that popular. High end real estate doesn’t always do that well on this island, which is appreciated for its rustic fincas and chilled out lifestyle. On the other hand they are in keeping with Es Pujols in the summer so maybe they will get snapped up by wealthy young Italians.

  3. mercè says:

    Hope this terrible attempt against nature will stop soon; it deserves the same end as these apartments in Cadaques:
    We all should have access to these wonderful views, not very few. Even those complaining now about losing their morning views towards the sea, please note that the rest would be very happy to not have any apartments at all.

  4. gustiF5 says:

    unfortunately i cant read that article Merce, but I think these apartments are well advanced whether people like it or not. Certainly they do not fit the character of the island, but they do seem to fit in with Es Pujols in the summer?

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