Castellum Roma

Just after you pass the 10km marker when heading east on the PM-820 is a right hand turn into the remains of a Roman fort, Castellum Roma, that dates back to the third century. The sandstone foundations of the perimeter wall are clear, as are the bases of five towers.
Castellum Roma is a fortress-type building [...]

El Pilar de la Mola

Although it is just 11 kilometres from Sant Ferran, El Pilar de la Mola feels very distinct from the rest of the island. Perhaps it is the steep incline that you need to overcome to get there that contributes to this sense of divide, maybe it is the dark passage of pine trees that you [...]

Es Calo and Ses Platgetes

Before the La Savina port was developed, Es Calo Formentera was the island’s main harbour. Although just 100 feet (30m) across it was selected by the Romans to export figs, and later as a place for the residents of La Mola to drop anchor. In fact, the village gets its name of Es Calo de [...]