Ses Salines

The Ses Salines Formentera Natural Park covers a wide area, including the Es Trucadors peninsula and its surrounding sea. It extends to the wetlands that run around Estany Pudent and Estany des Peix, and it is also the term used to describe the old salt pans.
The salt works themselves closed down in 1984, but they [...]

Estany Pudent

Estany Pudent is the largest of Formentera’s two salt lagoons. It starts south of the Port de la Savina, and is just behind the coastline of Es Cavall d’en Borras from which it takes in fresh seawater.
The history behind Estany Pudent is an interesting one. In the 1800s two sisters came from Ibiza to raise [...]

La Savina

With no airport most visitors arrive at Formentera via its port of La Savina. It is a natural harbour that was used for the export of salt and planks of Sabina pine. The port was separated from the mainland until the 1930s when a breakwater was constructed.
It has a modern marina, and there is [...]

Es Trucadors

The Trucador peninsula is a long stretch of flat land, reaching out from the north of Formentera that almost connects to the neighbouring island of Espalmador. It is made up of seemingly endless white beaches, and shallow turquoise waters. These beaches, along with Es Pujols, are some of the busiest as they attract a lot [...]

Formentera Beaches

There are over 12 miles of Formentera beaches, from rocky coves through to white sand coastline. In this article we look at four beaches that you can enjoy exploring.
Es Cavall d’en Borras and Moli des Carregador

Running up from Port de la Savina is the coast of Es Cavall d’en Borras, which is made up of [...]