Torre des Pides Catala

The quickest route to Torre des Pides Catala is to turn off Route 4 of the Circuits Verds: if you are coming from the Eastern/Sant Ferran end of Route 4 then you would turn off left a few hundred meters after the entrance to Route 17.

You then ride through a country lane, and you will see the tower on your left just before you reach the coastline. The three times that I took this route I met a very large dog that has a vociferous bark, but not bite – if you see him just pedal fast! To access the tower itself you climb up through the dunes from the coast.

However, the quickest route is not the best. If you take green route 17 to the Mitjorn beach and turn right, you can then cycle along the coastline until you hit a small road, and if you look up to your right at that point you will see the defence tower. The tower itself is one of the few that you can walk inside, but unfortunately this has given rise to vandalism, and defacement of the property.

From the tower you get an excellent view of all the parts of Platja de Mitjorn, and of the Mola plateau.

The site saw some action in 1813 when Torre des Pides Catala was used to fire at a French boat of 40 sailors who fled under the attack. Little did they know that there were just six men firing upon them from the tower.

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